the courses

A learning based on feeling, emotional memory, on the creative state and the imagination and not on imitation or “pretending”.

Between 50 and 60 children and adolescents in 3 groups between 18 and 22 students from different socio-cultural backgrounds and from different regions of the canton and from neighboring France participate in the courses.

These courses are designed as workshops where different professors are taught theatrical expression, diction, singing, dancing and musical comedy. This program allows to develop the imagination (notably by improvisation), to discover texts (contemporary or classical authors), the physical expression (in order to play, to interpret, to feel with its whole being, in harmony) , Not to mention the writing of texts.

But in addition to his theatrical teaching and revealing talent, the objectives of Théâtrochamp are to work and contribute mainly to the personal development of children.

Indeed these courses facilitate the discovery of oneself, the acceptance of the other and the dialogue. They have made it possible to restore confidence and confidence to the timid, taciturn, and anxious who, through theatrical play, gradually lose the fear of the gaze of others and reconcile with themselves.
Since September 2013 the courses Pousstoc and Minizad’toc are given in French with awareness of the English language.

The courses are inspired by proven methods and confirmed in the teaching of theater: Stanislavski’s method, by Stella Adler, by Sanford Meisner, in the wake of which the director of actor Pico Berkowitch is inscribed. Théâtrochamp formed among other things.


For any registration, please send the registration form, duly completed and signed, to the following address:

  • Théâtrochamp
  • Ch. Edouard Olivet 14, 1226 Thônex, Genève

the goals

  • learn  speech, diction, gesture, voice and singing,
  • develop  self-confidence, memory, individual and collective responsibility, the ability to express oneself,
  • discover  the various disciplines of the theater, its history, its authors,
  • participate  to the creation of shows, to the life of the stage and backstage, to be involved in a life of group social and cultural.

The Thematics

The spectacles presented by Théâtrochamp are an echo of the concerns of children, adolescents and adolescents in the world of adults:

  • the protection of nature
  • notes at school
  • racism and intolerance
  • divorce
  • The Benefits and Misdemeanors of Advertising
  • people with disabilities
  • relational difficulties between parents, teens and society
  • time to talk, read, exchange
  • sexual abuse adolescent homosexuality and the difficulty of coming out
  • sustainable development, protection of nature and the defense of children’s rights
  • Young people and alcohol
  • integration of the disabled in our environment
  • knowledge of the culture of the other to better integrate