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Over 1500 students attended the courses in 30 years of activity …

Théâtrochamp is a nursery of talents: many young people have gone to perfect themselves all over the world before becoming technicians, directors, directors or actors and actors. He also made alliances between sport and theater. Through the scenic expression many young people have overcome and overcome their fears, regained self-confidence, discovered the disciplines of the stage; Some have even done their job. Some of them stayed for another year, 5 to 10-15 years before going on to improve their skills in the different schools in Europe and in the United States and became directors, authors, actors and technicians.

Stephane Mitchell


Stephane Mitchell, a native of Puplinge, is a screenwriter and director. She won the Swiss Film Prize in 2003 with the screenplay of the film “Sounds Like the South” directed by Vincent Pluss. She directed the workshop of writing of adolescents and young adults for the creation of Théâtrochamp, “My double life” presented in November 2007. This creation won the prize of the Jury in Paris in April 2009 at the Parisian gay and lesbian festival. Currently, she is heading a new workshop on the theme of alcohol and young people, a show entitled “ça me drunk” and will be released on 1 October 2011. She has also written scenarios for several Swiss and French directors and has won The Swissperform award with “Déchaînés”, best Swiss TV movie 2009.

Didier Nkebereza

didier_nkeberezaDidier Nkebereza is a confirmed and talented director. He has staged at the Théâtre de la Parfumerie in Geneva “The Confession of Pastor Burg” from the novel by Jacques Chessex. Didier made the adaptation of “la mouette” at the Théâtre de l’Orangerie. He participated in the Avignon Festival with the “Confession of Pastor Burg”.

Yan Richard

yan_richardYan Richard of Chêne-Bougeries completed his training as an actor in Paris; His talent has been noticed; He played with his very young company Le Théâtre du Mulot, Molière’s “L’Étourdi”, which was a great success. We have also recently seen Yan Richard on the Paris stage at the Théâtre de l’Alambic in the play “Elisa” by Carole Frechette. To this day he continues his career in various Parisian theaters.

Fanny Cochard

fanny_cochardFanny Cochard, comédienne, compositrice et interprète de ses chansons, a suivi divers stages de jeu théâtral et de comédie musicale dans lesquels elle a été remarquée. Elle est actuellement assistante de Anouchka Chenevard pour le cours des PA et des Pousstocs au Théâtrochamp. Elle a composé les chansons pour ma « Ma double Vie ». Elle a été jusqu’en 2011 assistante pour les cours et assistante metteure en scène pour le dernier spectacle “L’oiseau du matin”. Actuellement à Paris pour compléter sa formation.

Joëlle Luthi

Joëlle Luthi has been enrolled at the theatrauchamp since the age of 7 and stayed there until 18 years. In 2010 she leaves for Paris and finishes her theater studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. Now a professional actress, she has her own company in Paris.

We only talked about the young people who are still collaborating with Théâtrochamp, but there are still other alumni who have made a career in the arts and the media and have gone through Théâtrochamp’s courses. However the list is too long to quote them all.